myVEGAS Room Rewards Calendars 2018

myVEGAS no longer has a site where they post all the Room Rewards availability calendars. Rooms are available, though. I have been able to collect many of the Reward calendars below. These are good through the end of 2018. If you are looking for dates for the seasonal Two Night Comp Rewards, visit my Spring 2018 Two Night Comp Rewards post.

Dates in gold/yellow are the available dates.
(Click on image for larger version)

Aria Comp Room Calendar
Aria Two Night Comp CalendarAria 25% Discount Calendar

Aria $105 Mid-week / $155 Weekend Calendar

Bellagio Comp Room Calendar

Bellagio Two Night Comp Room Calendar

Bellagio 25% Discount Calendar

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Vdara Resort Overview

Ever wanted to go to Las Vegas, but also get away from, well, Las Vegas? Vdara might be exactly what you are looking for. It is a non-gaming hotel located in MGM’s CityCenter. It is a little out of the way, located behind Aria and the Bellagio, and is well protected from the hustle and bustle of the Strip. Vdara itself has very little to offer other than that at the hotel. There are no shows or nightclubs. No high-end dining. It has a cafe/market, a Starbucks and the Vice-Versa lounge. If you want anything else, you need to leave the property. That is counter to the typical casino resort design, but makes a lot of sense since MGM would rather you get over to the casino and the various shows, restaurants and shopping at Aria and Bellagio instead of spending all of your time at Vdara. And if you want to get a little further out, you can always catch the tram to the ParkMGM and the far end of Aria.

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10 Interesting and Unusual Las Vegas Facts

Here are 10 Las Vegas facts that you might not be familiar with.

Online Gambling

You can play online for real money while in Las Vegas again. Nevada is one of the several US states leading the revolution for American online casino players. The market is very different now than it was prior to 2006 and the UIGEA act, but it is returning. Many land-based casinos have been developing their own apps for online sports betting, poker and casino games as well. I’ve been enjoying the playMGM app for betting at MGM properties.

The Englishman That Sold Everything to Play Roulette

Ashley Revell risked everything … and won! In 2004, an Englishman in Las Vegas risked everything to truly go Double or Nothing. He sold everything, even his clothes, before betting $135,300 on a spin of the roulette wheel at the Plaza Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The ball landed on Red 7 and Revell doubled his money to $270,600. He then tipped the dealer $600 and disappeared from the casino.

A few years later a group of American kids bet a quarter million dollars at the Golden Gate (next door to the Plaza) as part of an MTV show. It is the currently the largest single roulette bet on record. They lost.

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A Few myVEGAS Updates

There are a few recent updates to myVEGAS that you may have missed. The most important one is that the Monte Carlo is no longer a partner. The Monte Carlo became Park MGM on  April 1, 2018 and the Rewards are beginning to catch up. Room Rewards aren’t available yet, but the usual assortment of dining, entertainment and FreePlay are now available under the Park MGM  heading. Continue reading A Few myVEGAS Updates

Top 5 Strategies for Slot Machines

Slot machines may appear to be a game of luck more than anything else, as the player merely has to spin the reels in order to play. There are no in-game decisions that improve or decrease the players odds of winning.  However, there are several strategies that can help give you a better chance of winning (or making your money last longer) just like any other casino game.  Some of the top slots strategies are:

slot machines

Sticking to One Machine

This is an extremely basic and simple strategy for the slot games, but it can be quite effective. It largely revolves around the principle of probability eventually turning in favor of the player. Once you have decided which machine you want to play, take it as far as your gaming budget allows. It usually takes some time before hitting enough of the higher combinations or bonus rounds that are required to make a session profitable.

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