MyVEGAS adds Neon Museum Reward

MyVEGAS has been adding a lot of Rewards partners in the past months. I stopped trying to keep up with all of them a long time ago, but I wanted to share a new one that I particularly like.

They now have a BOGO Admission Reward for the Neon Museum. I am a big fan of the Neon Museum. You can see my post and photos for it here. The Reward is listed under the “Uniquely Vegas” Partner category.

screenshot of the Neon Museum Reward from MyVEGAS

The Reward is only valid for the daytime on Monday through Thursday, but if this discount is the difference between you visiting the museum or not visiting it, I’d urge you to get the Reward and visit the museum. It really is one of my favorite places in Las Vegas.

Is Online Poker the Best Way to Make Money When Playing at Online Casinos?

Online poker carves out a unique niche in the online casino world. Unlike games purely based on luck, such as slots or roulette, poker blends skill with strategy. This distinction opens the door to potentially higher earnings, but also to greater challenges.

blue green and purple poker chips
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Online Poker vs. Other Casino Games

At its core, online poker differs greatly from most other casino offerings. It’s not just another game of chance. Skilled players can, and do, tip the scales in their favor. The evidence? Look no further than professional poker players, some of whom boast millions in tournament winnings. Yet, for every success story, countless others find the path to profitability steep. Estimates suggest only about 10% of poker players consistently win over the long haul.

This game’s inherent skill component allows players to overcome the randomness that defines other casino games. In roulette or slots, the house always has an edge—a mathematical advantage built into the game. Poker, however, places players against each other, not the house. This setup means your success hinges more on your ability than on sheer luck.

Professional Poker Players Earnings

Getting into the numbers, the top 100 live poker tournament earners each have pocketed over $9.5 million. The leader of the pack, Bryn Kenney, has amassed a staggering $65 million. Yet, it’s important to note that these figures don’t account for online play or cash game losses. A study tracking 2,489 online poker players over two years found only 13.5% ended up in the green.

Earnings for online pros vary widely. Those grinding at small to mid-stakes can expect to make anywhere from $25,000 to $500,000 annually. For the high rollers, yearly earnings can exceed $1 million. However, these figures are not guarantees but potentials for those with the skill, strategy, and discipline to succeed.

Poker Strategy and Tips

Success in poker isn’t about playing every hand; it’s about playing the right hands and playing them aggressively. Seasoned players often adopt a “tight and aggressive” approach, choosing a limited range of strong hands and betting them hard. Other strategies include semi-bluffing, fast-playing strong hands, and defending the big blind with the right moves.

Beyond strategy, consistent wins require solid bankroll management, smart game selection, and emotional control. The psychological aspect of poker—avoiding tilt and making rational decisions under pressure—is as important as knowing when to hold ’em and when to fold ’em.

Pair of aces playing cards next to a stack of black poker chips.

Online Poker: A Lucrative Opportunity with Caveats

So, is online poker the golden ticket to casino riches? It can be, but the journey is fraught with challenges. The allure of big earnings is real, but it’s accessible to those willing to put in the effort to master the game’s complexities. For the majority, online poker will not be a profitable endeavor.

As you consider getting into the world of online poker or any other casino game, it’s worth exploring what’s available. For example, the residents of Illinois, checking out local online casinos in Illinois offers a starting point to discover options and perhaps begin your poker journey.

The Verdict

Is online poker the best way to make money at online casinos? The answer depends on your definition of “best.” For those willing to invest the time and effort to master the game, poker offers a unique opportunity to leverage skill for profit—a rarity in the casino world. Yet, it’s a path fraught with challenges, requiring a commitment to learning and self-discipline that goes beyond what’s required for other casino games.


In conclusion, while the potential for profit in online poker surpasses that of other casino games, achieving consistent success demands a blend of skill, strategy, and discipline. For those prepared to invest the time and effort, the rewards can be substantial. But remember, for most, the path will not be easy.

MGM Rewards Tier Status Accelerator 2023

MGM Rewards is running a Tier Status Accelerator promotion through the end of 2023. The Tier Accelerator adds bonus Tier Credits to your account once you hit certain thresholds in a single day. This can help you achieve a higher tier status. like Gold or Platinum, faster than you would normally be able.

Here are the daily Tier Accelerator thresholds.

Accelerator Milestone #1

Earn 5,000 Tier Credits in one promotional day, receive a 1,250 Tier Credit Bonus. That’s 6,250 Tier Credits in one day.

Accelerator Milestone #2

Earn 10,000 Tier Credits in one promotional day, receive a 5,000 Tier Credit Bonus. That’s 15,000 Tier Credits in one day.

Accelerator Milestone #3

Earn 20,000 Tier Credits in one promotional day, receive a 20,000 Tier Credit Bonus. That’s 40,000 Tier Credits in one day for Gold Tier Status in just two days.

Accelerator Milestone #4

Earn 40,000 Tier Credits in one promotional day, receive a 60,000 Tier Credit Bonus. That’s 100,000 Tier Credits in one day for Platinum Tier Status in just two days.

Only one bonus will apply per day. That means that if you hit Milestone #3 (20,000 Tier Credits) you won’t also get the Milestone #1 and #2 bonuses. Nor can a lower bonus help you achieve the next Milestone.

The promotion is only running at Las Vegas properties. The promotional day is 12:00am to 11:59pm Pacific Time. Bonuses are applied a few hours after the end of the day.